December 2014 (Las Vegas, NV) - Nevada-based Team field app LLC, the go-to software solution provider for field sales marketers, announced today its licensing and support agreement with Nevada-based Empower Sales, LLC, a leading provider of customer acquisition and sales retention campaigns.

“With Team field app’s suite of configurable sales management and analytics tools, Empower Sales has taken its door-to-door selling campaigns to the next level,” says Janar Senthur, Chief Technology Officer at Team field app. “Empower can now build upon its successful sales campaigns with workflow automation, mobile field intelligence, visualized real time field reporting and powerful sales and quality control analytics.”

Team field app began deploying its Sales Management Suite for Empower Sales earlier this year. At the completion of each deployment phase, Empower Sales noticed a marked improvement in the quality and efficiency of its sales. With the final phase now completed, Empower Sales is realizing its investment with an increase in overall sales volume and decrease in cost per acquisition.

“Door-to door sales is an effective method of selling. It affords you the opportunity to present your product or service directly to the customer with little or no barriers. But it’s hardly efficient,” says Alain Suurkask, Business Development Director at Empower Sales. “Direct selling requires organization, it requires staying on top of the metrics, and it requires constant feedback and monitoring,” says Suurkask. “We enlisted Team field app to help bring efficiency back into the equation. We now have an indispensable suite of tools in our hands for intelligent and efficient door-to-door selling. It won’t replace the experience of face-to-face interaction, it will enhance it.”

The deployment of the Sales Management Suite at Empower Sales marks another significant milestone for the up-and-coming software solution provider since announcing its licensing agreements with Clear Marketing, MSITL and ETISL in late 2014.

Team field app’s suite of cloud-based or on-premise tools includes:
Field Enrollment and Intelligence. Used to increase the productivity of the sales force with “street”intelligence and field enrollment. Pursue sales team’s leads, avoid “do not knocks” and make use of nearby sales intelligence. Having the convenience of paperless presentations, signups, and energy service provider submissions allow the sales agent to quickly close and move on to the next sale.
Commissions and Invoicing. Having the whole marketer and agent commissions and invoicing process – from commission calculation to invoice submission – handled automatically (e.g. no exchange of Excel files), errors will be minimized and free up your resources for other productive activities. Not to mention, paying your marketers timely and accurately will help you attract quality direct sale partners.
Sales Reporting and Analytics. Calculate performance metrics, monitor quality control, and refine sales strategies. Do this at the agent, team, marketer, and campaign level. Increase sales activity visibility across the organization.
Sales Management System. Automate and optimize direct sales workflows. Remove manual, time consuming and error prone processes, including exchange of data via Excel files. Manage sales campaigns and brokers. Process sales, complete quality checks, and report statuses -- from customer sign-up through utility response. You will also be able to efficiently manage marketer and agent compliance and have quality control information at your fingertips, including agent compliance records management, TPV call recordings, scanned and digital customer letter of authorizations (LOA), and vendor and agent independent agreements. ####
About Team field app LLC Team field app is the go-to software solution provider for field sales marketers. With Team field app’s suite of configurable sales management and analytics tools, field sales companies are taking their direct sales campaigns to the next level by way of workflow automation, mobile field intelligence, visualized real time field reporting, and powerful sales and quality control analytics.
About Empower Sales Empower Sales is customer acquisition and retention company. With offices located in most major markets across the United States, our clients have an opportunity to tap into persuasive traditional and non-traditional direct sales and marketing strategies with a specific focus on their target markets. With over 25 years of experience selling in the deregulated energy and telecommunications markets, as well as decades of experience conducting customer acquisition campaigns for some of the largest entertainment companies in North America, our management team excels in the direct selling and marketing space. This level of knowledge and sophistication is indicative of the quality of guidance and advice provided to clients, as well as the professionalism and effectiveness of the Empower Sales force.