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Managing your sales team and processing commissions has now become effortless.
Sales management

Automate and optimize direct sales workflows. Remove manual, time consuming and error prone processes, including exchange of data via Excel files. Manage sales campaigns and external marketers (brokers). Process sales, complete quality checks, and report statuses, from customer sign-up through utility response.
You will also be able to efficiently manage marketer and agent compliance and have quality control information at your fingertips, including agent compliance records management, TPV call recordings, scanned and digital customer letter of authorizations (LOA), and vendor and agent independent agreements.


Calculate performance metrics, monitor quality assurance, and refine sales strategies. Do this at the agent, team, marketer, and campaign level! Increase sales activity visibility across the organization.

Payroll processing

Having the whole marketer and agent invoicing and billing process – from commission calculation to invoice submission – handled automatically (e.g. no exchange of Excel files), errors will be minimized and free up your resources for other productive activities. Not to mention, paying your marketers timely and accurately will help you attract quality direct sale companies

Medical/Energy campaign

With Team Field App's suite of configurable sales management and analytics tools, health care and retail energy service companies are taking their direct sales campaigns to the next level by way of workflow automation, mobile field intelligence, visualized real-time field reporting, and powerful sales and quality control analytics. Use our expertise to enhance your band and ensure wide exposure of your health care products and services.

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How we can help you?

Increase sales visibility across your organization. Put visualized sales campaign and team information at your fingertips. Optimize efficiency and effectiveness of field campaigns. Reduce field operation risk.

Campaign Management

We help customers to set up campaign information by way of workflow automation.

Agent Onboarding

New agents are on-boarded automatically using forms where headshots and documents are captured for verification. Agents e-sign their contracts upon verification.

Pay Structure Setup

We help customers to define their agent’s and team pay structure with commission and overrides for sales.

Sales Management

Capture and process daily sales, handle Third Party Verification(TPV), complete quality checks and report sales status for analytics and monitoring.

Payroll Processing

Automates billing based on pay structure and commission setup. Generate payroll and send an invoice for agents, vendors and managers.

Field Activity Tracking

GPS based tracking of Geo-locations of field-force deployment and their movements in the field and reports instantaneously.


Sales Statistics and Analytics

Daily/weekly sales statistics and individual agent’s/team performance are provided in visualized graphical reports.

Help & Support

Our support team is available to help and assist you 24/7 for answering your queries and process your requests on all type of situations including onboarding, payroll and Sales management.

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