Field Activity Tracking

MapTrack, a field activity tracking mobile app helps to boost field sales and merchandising campaigns effectively by enabling Map & Location-based field intelligence transactions. This Mobile/tablet-based field sales automation solution   provides   product   &   customer   data   to   sales personnel on thefield  enabling  them  to  capture  orders  on  their mobiles/tablets  on  the  field  &  automatically  post  them  to their managers for further processing.

With MapTrack, the agent has a rich repository of data so as to maximize his/her performance in the field. He/she can make use of leads, avoid “do not knock” households, and see recent nearby completed sales of similar products. Further, the agent has at his/her fingertips, real-time productivity statistics in the form of sales for the day (along with TPV status), rankings and trends within his/her sales team. Finally, the convenience of paperless presentations, signups, and energy/health care service provider submission allows the sales agent to quickly close and move on to the next sale.While in the field, your sales team effectively pursue sales by avoiding ‘do not knocks’ and leveraging geographic sales intelligence.